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1st semester
Sept. – January)
2nd semester
February – June)
1 class of 45min or 1h: CHF90/month
CHF 450.-
CHF 450.-
CHF 900.-
1 class of 1h15 or 1h30: CHF100/month
CHF 500.-
CHF 500.-
CHF 1000.-
2 classes / week: CHF160/month
CHF 800.-
CHF 800.-
CHF 1600.-
3 classes / week: CHF180/month
CHF 900.-
CHF 900.-
CHF 1800.-
4 classes / week: CHF195/month
CHF 975.-
CHF 975.-
CHF 1950.-
5 classes or more / week: CHF230/month
CHF 1150.-
CHF 1150.-
CHF 2300.-
Private lessons:
CHF 100.- / hour for students of Danse Académie Vevey.
CHF 120.- / hour for other students.

A reduction of CHF 10.- per month and per child is granted from two students who are members of the same family. Lesson or family reductions cannot be combined.

Terms and conditions

Registration is definitive for the school year, if it has not been terminated by email no later than 5 days after the trial lesson.
The contract may be cancelled for medical reasons on presentation of a medical certificate and/or moving outside the Riviera district.
Payment is due for the entire school year upon confirmation of registration. 

Half-yearly invoices must be paid within 15 days of the date of receipt.
In the event of non-compliance with the payment deadline, a reminder will be sent and an administrative fee of CHF 20.- will be charged.
Missed lessons are not reimbursed but can be substituted in agreement with the management.
In the event of illness or accident, the lessons will be reimbursed only on presentation of a medical certificate, confirming the inability to attend dance lessons and the duration of this incapacity.
The student must be insured against the risks of illness and accident including all medical and hospital costs and any loss of earnings.
The management declines all responsibility in the event of loss, theft or exchange of belongings in the changing rooms.

The end-of-year show will take place on June 17 and 18, 2023 at the Reflet, Théâtre de Vevey.
Students of classic levels 2, 3 and 4 must, if they want to participate in the show, follow the 2 lessons per week of their level from the second semester, at the beginning of February, in order to prepare the choreographies.
Additional lessons will be charged. follows the school holidays for the Canton of Vaud.
Classes will take place from Monday August 29, 2022, to Wednesday June 23, 2023.

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